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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. right now san jose police are
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still actively looking for a man who fatally stabbed a woman this afternoon. robert handa is on the scene. >> reporter: the search continues for this man that stabbed a woman here just a few hours ago. this is the crime scene where you can see investigators are still removing evidence. now the san jose police department has spread out throughout the neighborhood going door to door, yard to yard, around the residential heading street area. now we're not showing you specific locations so we don't compromise the search. police are asking residents to be on the look out for a dark haired man about 5'8" believed to be a philipino man on the run after what police call a brutal homicide. an ambulance rushed the stabbing victim away just before 3:00 this afternoon but police say she died before she could be treated at the hospital. witnesses say they watched as she apparently argued with a
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man in the parking lot next to the togo east restaurant. they were horrified as the man suddenly began attacking her with a knife. >> the lady was on the floor and he was just stabbing her in her stomach area. you could see her stabbing her numerous times. >> reporter: while police were looking for the suspect, police stopped this man who's hands were covered in blood. while they say he may be a witness, he was found not to be the suspect. police escorted students from their schools. that search continues and is expected to continue until they can find the stabber. we will have the complete
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update tonight on our 10:00 news. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. we are working to gather more details about a suspicious package that was reported at city college. we're told the suspicious package is inside building seven. you're looking right now at video taken a short while ago by chopper 2. the school was evacuated and shut down as of four o -- 4:00 this afternoon. we're hearing about a possible batch of drug laced brownnies that sickened several children. >> reporter: we're now told that many of those students are at home recovering. the school district says that only five students actually got sick today but some family members who were here at the emergency room at the hospital
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this afternoon say they think that number was closer to 15. it was not part of a lesson plan but family members say students shared marijuana brownnies during wood shop in hayward. >> she said she took a small piece off of it and it was being passed around in class. >> reporter: from the school they said that there were possibly other narcotic stuff involved inside the brownnie. >> reporter: palomino says that he rushed his sister to the hospital after the school says she was throwing up. >> somebody has to address this here before any of these kids lose their lives over whatever drug it is. >> reporter: several sick kids started coming in, latrell mcdonald was a nurse working during the care.
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>> i'm familiar with the children and drug use out in the community because i talk to a lot of kids. i hoped she will be okay, she looked pretty stoned to me. >> reporter: the district won't confirm but says it is launching disciplinary action. >> the school board from hayward needs to take action on this like right away. it's not acceptable. >> reporter: we did just hear back from hayward police in the last 30 minutes who confirm they are also investigating this matter. we expect to get an update from them before our next report at 10:00. live in hayward. a second grade student says a teenager put a hand over his mouth as he walked out of the restroom at the school. police learned of the alleged indent -- incident and are now
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investigating whether the child may have been grabbed by another student. contra costa county sheriff's office says joel kauffman of orinda surrendered late this morning. kauffman posted bail and was released this afternoon. he coached at palo alto high school and other bay area teens. other bay area city employees may face charges after charges --
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>> we're talking about employees of the city that are being investigated for failure to report that's correct. there's also a concurrent internal investigation going on. >> reporter: the city manager says because of the investigation he can't go into detail about what those employees to for the city of walnut creek. new at 6:00, more than two dozen i pads were stolen from students at a bay area high school. as mike mibach reports the suspected thief was caught all thanks to the school's principal. >> reporter: saint ignacious, inside it seems every student has an i pad. that's because everyone does. the school leases them from apple and in turn gives them to the students. >> you can open it on certain
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apps so you can take notes. >> reporter: the i pads are not only valuable to students but they're also valuable out there on the streets. >> they've been disappearing in bunches, four or five at a time. >> reporter: more than two dozen i pads have been taken. yesterday the dean of students spotted that individual, alerted the principal and a conversation was struck. >> we talked to him a little further it became clear that he was more and more uncomfortable. then when we said we're just going to call the police. that's when he took off. >> reporter: so did ruff chasing the man right through the campus. >> that's when i ran and caught him. >> reporter: police arrested ruiz vega. they found seven tablets on them. >> the tablets were identified by other students as theirs. >> reporter: students say they're happy to be under the
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close eye of their principal. >> he was protecting us because he just doesn't want an intruder to come in here and take something that doesn't belong to them. >> reporter: it is a story that at this school could stick around. mike mibach, ktvu news. police in the south bay are looking for a parolee who they say is armed and dangerous. milpitas police say they spotted jeremy balmonte posas of milpitas in a car yesterday. they tried to pull him over but he jumped out of the car and took off running. he threw away a loaded firearm as he ran. anyone with information is asked to call police. the santa cruz city manager's office says it has seen an outpouring of support for the two fallen santa cruz police officers. a memorial fund for sergeant lauren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler has now grown to $308,000. between april 1st and april 4th. all of california pizza kitchens northern california restaurants will donate 20% of
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their proceeds to that fund. the funds will be split between the two families. the palo alto police department third virtual ride along via twitter got started just a few hours ago. chief burns and another officer will be tweeting in realtime what goes on tonight on their beat. it's part of a larger global law enforcement tweet-athon involving close to 30,000 police officers in the country. >> reporter: it has been a very, very long time but, the tom lantos tunnels are named after the beloved congressman who fought tooth and nail to fund this project. now the twin devil slides tunnels are done now, they will begin operating sometime on
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monday maybe tuesday. $440million two of the most earthquake resistant tunnels on earth. the high tech tunnels, 4,200 feet long each have features and are adorned to make them works of art as well. for the last business the linda mar ace business center and businesses on both sides the tupls approve 17 years ago will be at long last -- the tunnels approved 17 years ago will be at long last a reliability god send. >> we don't have to worry about it being shut down for six months. where he got a good lesson of what percentage of our customers come from south of the slide. >> reporter: highway 1 is not just a local road it is a major highway that feeds money into dozens of communities. a the tunnel is fully open late monday early tuesday at the latest the olds highway will be
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closed and converted to a hiking and biking park for all of those to enjoy and see what they once only whizzed by. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. csf leaders broke ground at a building at a new mission bay campus. the new building will be called the mission hall golden building. it will house faculty members practicing at the new women's, children's and cancer facilities. new facility will be key at reaching the scientific goals. >> this is really a wonderful opportunity for us to make even better scientific connections for collaboration. >> reporter: the building is expected to cost $94 million and it's scheduled to be open next year. investigators say a fire at a two story victorian home appeared to have caused by a marijuana grow. the fire started about 1:30 at a house on tenth avenue not far
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from lake merit. after putting out the fire, firefighters found a bedroom filled with marijuana plants. they say wiring installed for that growing operation may have started the fire and the additional power supply added an extra challenge. >> a large bank of batteries in the attic space so we're having to deal with those issues when we first got on scene. >> reporter: police also found a damp studio on the ground floor of the home. police are now trying too figure out if the marijuana grow was legal. hayward city officials are planning to update residents next week on that new traffic loop configuration project. last week crews changed foothill boulevard so it's now one way north from it's intersection with jackson street and mission boulevard. mission is one way south from eighth street to jackson foothill. on thursday city officials are scheduled to update residents on the project and answer
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questions. it's about to feel a lot more like spring. in just seven minutes we're going to tell you how many temperatures are going to climb. >> garbage collectors in a heap of trouble. >> these folks aren't taking the garbage to the landfill, they're dumping them in our streets. >> we will tell you what happened when people were busted during the operation.
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we have just learned within the last few minutes that san bruno police have secured that suspicious package we were telling you about that was found at skyline college. we're told the context of the package were not dangerous. it was found in building seven. the entire college was evacuated today. the school was closed at of 4:00 this afternoon -- as of 4:00 this afternoon. the campus will be open tomorrow for saturday classes.
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officials say they found more than one dozen illegal operations during an early morning crack down in contra costa county. investigators made surprise inspections and found operators who are not following the news. >> what does that look like to you? >> reporter: 65-gallon drums of unknown substances, discarded electronics, piles of trash mixed with toxic material, just some of what inspectors discovered at illegal dumping ground. illegal operators strip out the things that can be recycled for money then dump the rest at vacant lots or on the street or they just burn it. a fire at this operation last october were flames raged for hours. refocused efforts on illegal dumps that can create not only fire risk but also health and
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environmental hazards. some of these sites are burning, they could have flies breeding, rat and mice breeding. >> reporter: ground water contamination is one of the things they worry about when they see things like weed killer and a spray can mixed in with all of this. >> the paint cans are going to perk cate -- percolate into the ground and then into the water. >> people feel their communities are being polluted and dumped on by other people who are taking a shortcut to take a profit. >> reporter: cara liu, ktvu news. highway patrol is asking anyone who witnessed a fatal hit-and-run collision on interstate 280 in san jose this morning to come forward. investigators say a vehicle struck and killed 39-year-old
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amanda vente around 3:30 a.m. several drivers pulled over to help when they saw the body on the right hand lane near 11th street. police say at this point they don't know who hit the woman. it was dark at the time of the collision but investigators say the driver of the vehicle who hit the woman likely knows he or she did strike something. officers shut down two lanes of the freeway for six hours this morning after this crash. the state auditors office says the california commission is so badly damaged it might have to be eliminated. the auditors report says despite years of recommendations the commission has failed to ensure the safety of athletes and has mismanaged funds. >> if they don't improve some of those practices in particular with their budgeting
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and their recordkeeping, tracking of information, then the legislature should consider whether they need to move some of those functions to the consumer affairs. >> reporter: the commission regulates boxing, mixed martial arts and similar sporting events. an eye catching artistic creation that seems to show furniture being thrown out of a window of a san francisco building may soon be removed. you may have seen this. the art on a former hotel is known as defenestration. the city now owes the property and is considering a project to build affordable housing. they will review a demolition project in april. turned out to be a beautiful day. the winds are up a little bit. they sure were this morning and this afternoon. but the winds are going to die down. inland as well up near the delta. weather system is fanning out of the area that's just because
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the jet stream has decided to do this. it's going well to the north of us for the next couple of days. it does change around, we get a chance for showers as we get into tuesday night, wednesday, thursday. kind of in that period. right now it's hard to say how much rain we could get but certainly feels like a moist or wet pattern so that will be the good news for the middle of next week. in the meantime enjoy the bay area weekend because the weather is shaping up. pretty nice in the evening hours so if you're out and out going to the movies or going some where, kind of mild, kind of nice. it'll cool off but not much more than the low 50s, mid-50s when you get home from dinner and the movies. 39 in livermore. everybody else in the low 40s. a lot like today,less winds. look for numbers to come up one or two or 3 degrees over what
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we saw today. temperatures as we go into the next couple of days will be a gradual warming. yellows are 70s. today we didn't see that many 70s but tomorrow we're going to see at least it appears we're going to see significant number or increase in the 70s.  lots of upper 60s too. there's saturday, there's sunday. here comes monday. watch this pattern, it started to break down. here's monday, and here's tuesday. then when we start to get it wednesday and thursday. this entire flow becomes very moist. wednesday, thursday and friday. this whole thing could develop into something nice. right now it doesn't look like it's anything. we will watch it beginning next week it might start to deteriorate. the forecast highs for your saturday look pretty nice. sunday is going to be a little warmer than this. just a neat looking bay area
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spring weekend. where you might expect. plenty of sunshine and dry till the middle of next week. >> so there's a chance. we might get a little -- >> it looks like it's breaking up. looks like there's a lot of moisture in there. it could be good. >> we're running out of chances here. >> yeah, we are. >> in the meantime enjoy the weekend. thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00. continual coverage of man who stopped a woman near a sandwich shop. >> and how you can get a look at how police are patrolling the area. a new addition at the san francisco zoo was born a month ago but now we're get ago new glimpse of her. we're getting a look right after this. hello?
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people walking through united plaza got an up close look at art installation aimed at raising awareness to america's plastic waste. the group says many of the 60 billion single use water
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bottles that are thrown away end up in oceans or in drinking water. the cub weighed in at 11 pounds. they still haven't chosen a name for her yet they call her the cub. the lions den will be open over the weekend for viewing. we're hoping the cal basketball team is feeling frisky tomorrow. >> of course every year it seems like a couple of teams seem to come out of nowhere. peak at the right time. cal hoping this year why not us. winning the opener against unlv. probably not going to be able to pull that off so easily
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against four seed syracuse. pretty good at shutting things off inside. >> when you do something 35 times a year, 40 minutes a game for 30 years, somebody has got to figure it out and they've been successful with it. >> we know they're pretty athletic, you just have to find the open spots that they leave open in the zone so you know we just have to be patient on offense. >> reporter: well we can only pick one game for the upset game of the day. here it is kansas city the west region number 13 lasalle. napping k state. raymond g -- gallowy. they win it. ole miss will win wisconsin and that's who they'll play next time around. most of the time sports all about fun and games tonight we have the sad duty of reporting the passing of a man who is near and dear to everyone in
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the bay area sporting community that would be john cardenale he's died. best known for his affiliation with the racetrack in sonoma where he was the vice president of communications. john had battled gastric cancer. he was only 47 years old. great help to everyone in the media. one of the most conciencious. coming up tonight, we talk to a woman who says she was feared all because of a tweet. >> interesting. we hope to see you tonight at 10:00. thank you.


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